"My interests in the fine arts began in Cuba when I was a child. Initially, it was my father who influenced me in the development of artistic abilities, as well as in the visualization of reality and its spiritual dimension. Due to the knowledge acquired from him, I learned to make connections between self, material and spiritual realms.

My commitment to the field of art was the driving force in the study of art history, education, production and the use of different technologies in the visual arts. In time, I discovered a large space with expanded dimensions for the expression of my visual and spiritual languages in an integrated manner - a language that expresses a state of harmony using colors, forms and textures".

Brief Biography

Born in Santos Suarez, Cuba, Marcos started to study art with his father when he was nine. His formal studies continued at the University of Havana Medical School. He studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum School of Art, The Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and Cambridge College.

He has taught art courses and workshops at Montserrat School of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, Altos de Jájome School of Art in Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto Rico, Centro Arte and at the Boston School of  the Museum of Fine Arts.

In 1969 he formally start working with advertising agencies, architectural and urban planning companies as a graphic designer, illustrator, models builder, painter, sculptor, exterior/interior designer, art consultant and teacher.

As a visiting faculty member at The School of the Museum School of Fine Arts / Tufts in Boston, Marcos facilitated art courses  such as "Introduction to Painting", “Painting  in  the  Rain Forest  of Puerto Rico” and "Making Art in Cuba: An Interdisciplinary Exchange” for the International Department.

Presently, Marcos works from his studio in Sarasota, Florida.

Art and Exhibits          


In 1992, Marcos was chosen by “First Night” Boston in the category of environmental sculpture for the design and construction of the “Latin American Pavilion” .

Marcos's sculpture, “Memorial to my Father”, was chosen in 1991 by Jonathan Fairbanks (curator of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts) as the first contemporary sculpture of the permanent collection of the legendary Forest Hills cemetery in Boston.

In 2001, 2002 and 2003 Marcos exhibited as a guest artist in the International Digital Art Halls II, III and IV at the Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau in Havana, Cuba.

Marco’s visions, messages and execution of his artwork are diverse and use multiple mediums of art. As an artist, Marcos has displayed his artwork in groups and solo art exhibitions in national and international galleries, public spaces and art festivals. 

. Folk Jewelry, Private Collection Exhibit, Havana, Cuba
. Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
. Marcos Carvajal Art Galleries, Salem MA - Sarasota, FL
. International Digital Art Halls II, III and IV Exhibits, Havana, Cuba
. Marblehead Art Association, Marblehead, MA
. Marblehead Festival of the Arts, Marblehead, MA
. Salem Festival of the Arts, Salem MA
. Boston 1st Night Art Festival, Boston, MA
. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
. Gallery 333, Falmouth, MA
. Forest Hills Museum, Jamaica Plains, MA
. Printing Industry of America, Miami, FL
. Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA
. Mon Petit Art Gallery, San Juan, PR
. Flowers and Gallery, Old San Juan, PR
. School of Art Altos de Jajome, Cayey, PR
. Carvajal Sculpture Gallery, Boston / Marblehead, MA
. Conseca Gallery, Marblehead, MA
. Arnould Gallery, Marblehead, MA
. Artisan Gallery, Marblehead, MA
. Pertuti Gallery, Boston, MA
. Giovanny Gallery, Boston, MA
. Anasara Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
. Plantique, Marblehead, MA
. Art and More Gallery, Boston, MA
. Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA
. Groomsman Gallery, Boston, MA
. Bunker Hill Community College Gallery, Boston, MA
. Beaulieu Art Resources, Cambridge, MA
. Interior Designers of Puerto Rico Gallery, San Juan, PR
. Fioridella Gallery, Condado, PR
. San Juan Hotel Gallery, Isla Verde, PR
. Five Gallery, Miami, FL

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