THE INSTRUCTOR: Luis A. Maisonet-Ramos

Painter and graphic artist. Maisonet-Ramos studied at Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico between 1970 and 1975, where he obtained a BFA in Painting and Silk-screening. During the years 1977-1981 and 1987-1990, he was graphic artist and, eventually, director of the Graphic Arts Workshop from the Department of Cultural Activities at the University of Puerto Rico. Currently, he is Silkscreen Professor at the League of Art of San Juan. 

Old San Juan

Photos courtesy of Puerto Rico Historic Buildings Drawings Society and the League of Art of San Juan

THE WORKSHOP:League of Art of San Juan

La Liga de Arte de San Juan (League of Art od San Juan), a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to the teachings of the plastic arts and to the support of our local artists, is celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018. Originally founded by a visionary group of artists and art lovers in 1968, La Liga has been a pioneer in offering diverse art workshops for people of all ages.  La Liga de Arte has been at the vanguard of the arts in Puerto Rico since its inception in through its multiple exhibitions in our Delta de Picó Art Gallery. Many, if not all, of our most talented artists have shown their work in our gallery. La Liga has served as a place where local artists can meet, show their work and also teach. For 50 years, La Liga has had the privilege of engaging the best teachers from different areas of expertise, a testament to the school’s resilience and high standards.

Art Making in Old San Juan: Photo Serigraphy

February 8 - 15, 2020

Reservation Deadline - October 1, 2019

Be inspired and learn about Puerto Rico making art in Old San Juan.

Called "La Ciudad Amurallada," (The Walled City), San Juan was founded in 1521. In 1508 Juan Ponce de León founded the original settlement, Caparra, behind the almost landlocked harbor just to the west of the present metropolitan area. The settlement was abandoned and moved to the site of what is now called Old San Juan. San Juan is one of the biggest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean and is the second oldest city in the Americas. 

During our first day our Program Leader and a Puerto Rican architect will lead a walking tour through the narrow streets of Old San Juan to experience five centuries of Spanish Caribbean history. We will become acquainted with significant architectural features of the city, historical sites, forts, plazas, cultural centers, fountains, museums, and galleries and with Old San Juan lively people's cultural life and idiosyncrasy. This walking tour will provide a panoramic view of the city in order for participants to decide which sites to revisit later on their own. After lunch we will visit the University of the Arts of Puerto Rico and El Morro Castle in Old San Juan.

Inspiration and learning will be enhanced with a 25 hours workshop on photo serigraphy and, to explore the arts in Puerto Rico, a lecture about art history in Puerto Rico followed by a guided visit to the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico will be also scheduled. 

Restaurants, dance and music night entertainment venues will be recommended.

January 27-31 / February 10-14

9AM – 12 pm  / Serigraphy
Also known as silk screening, screen-printing or serigraph printing, is a stencil-based printing process in which ink is forced through a fine screen onto the paper beneath. Screens were originally made of silk, but they are now made of finely woven polyester or nylon.

The basic principles of the printing will be covered during morning sessions: design, separation of colors, registration, mixing and preparation of dyes, making transparencies, textures, and others. Printing will be accomplished through the sieve to achieve reproductions on paper, fabric, plastic, or wood. 

1.30 – 3.30 PM / Photo Serigraphy
Participants will learn how to the handle the photo serigraphic process during afternoon sessions. Black and white photos and photographic emulsion will be used to print on paper, t-shirts, and other surfaces.  Bring you photos in black and white with good contrast.


  • Seven nights accommodations at hotel in Old San Juan (see Hotels in Puerto Rico)
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • ​Lecture - Art in Puerto Rico
  • Guided Visit to the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
  • Ground transportation to Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
  • Guided walking tour of Old San Juan with Puerto Rican architect
  • Visit to the University of the Arts and El Morro Castle in Old San Juan
  • 25 hours workshop and material
  • Debriefing sessions with Program Leader to review art work and experiences
  • ​Reading and websites suggestions to learn about PR before departure
  • Online orientation meeting before departure


  • Airfare to/from San Juan 
  • Transportation from/to San Juan International Airport 
  • Meals: 7-B, 6-L, 5- D 
  • Gratuities for maid  and bellman 
  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance ​


$ 2,100 per person in a double room 
$ 2,500 single room 



  • Arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport 
  • Transfer on your own to hotel
  • Check-in at hotel
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Information Meeting with Program Leader

DAY 2         

  • Breakfast 
  • Walking Tour of Old San Juan 
  • Lunch 
  • Visit the University of the Arts of Puerto Rico and El Morro Castle
  • Dinner – Meeting The Instructor

DAY 3              

  • Breakfast
  • Art Making – Serigraphy
  • Lunch
  • Art Making - Photo Serigraphy
  • Lecture - Art in Puerto Rico
  • Dinner or optional tours

DAY 4            

  • ​Breakfast
  • Art Making - Serigraphy
  • Lunch
  • Art Making - Photo Serigraphy​
  • Visits to Old San Juan Museums and Galleries of your own

DAY 5        


  • Breakfast
  • Art Making - Serigraphy
  • Lunch
  • Art Making - Photo Serigraphy
  • Visits to Old San Juan Museums and Galleries on your own


  • Breakfast
  • Art Making - Serigraphy
  • Lunch
  • Art Making - Photo Serigraphy
  • Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
  • Dinner or optional tours



  • Breakfast
  • Art Making - Serigraphy
  • Lunch
  • Art Making - Photo Serigraphy
  • Workshop Closing 
  • Farewell Dinner 


  • Breakfast
  • Debriefing and Closing Session with Program Leader
  • Check-out 
  • Transfer on your own to Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport