“This project (Cuban Art Factory) is designed for people to show up and consume art. We are not working for the usual gallery-hopping crowd that goes to shows with their hands in their pockets, looking for something new. We need to find the way to reach people who have never gone to a gallery or a theater and who suddenly are being faced with this trap, like a spectacle, something unusual but attractive. Those are the people we are working for. We normally use music as a hook, then at some point in the evening there will be a performance or a dance number followed by DJs, disco or background music, all “decorated” with visual art work. Setting it up this way means that not only do people have a good time but we have the Factory fulfilling an educational function, in some way exerting an influence on them because of what they are seeing and hearing, what surrounds them, something they cannot escape. Everything functions with lights, space, texture, muted colors, everything done tastefully.”  FAC

Dance in Cuba
Limited to 7 participants

March 4-9, 2019

October 28-November 2, 2019
November 10-15, 2019
December​ 9-14, 2019 

In 1989 the Ministry of Culture of Cuba established a plan to create new artistic projects and promote a new approach to the work of dance companies. Today there are 60 professional dance companies with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the National School of Arts and the University of the Arts. 

Through this exciting program, you will experience contemporary and popular dance in Cuba.  Our educational activities will take place through private presentations by dance companies and guided visits to cultural centers, museums and evening venues.

Program Package Fees

Single   $3600

Double  $3000 p.p.

What is included?


  • Ground transportation in luxury AC passenger van
  • Five nights at Hostal Casavana
  • 7 meals (6B,  2D)
  • Panoramic Tour of Havana
  • Lecture by Cuban dance expert - Contemporary and Ballet Dance in Cuba
  • Museums admission and docent fees
  • Visits to demonstrations by six dance companies 
  • BilingualProgram Leader traveling with the group
  • Gratuities for servers in meals included and driver
  • Educational  license to travel to Cuba
  • Orientation before the day of departure
  • Cuba Travel Guide for a safe and fun trip
  • Emailed information about sites to be visited

What is not included?


  • $225 (estimate) round-trip airfare to Havana from Tampa on Southwest Airlines.

        Instructions to buy airline tickets will be provided after registration deadline. Tickets will
        be booked online with Southwest Airlines using miles or a credit card; health insurance  

        while in Cuba is included in the airfare.

  • $50 Cuban tourist visa

        Instructions to buy the visa will be provided after registration deadline. You may

        purchase the visa online before departure or at the Southwest check-in counter  on the day

        of departure.

  • Six lunches and three dinners
  • Airfare for a connecting flight to Tampa, if traveling to Florida from another state
  • Hotel accommodations (the night before departure), if traveling to Florida from another state
  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance (RECOMMENDED, see Cancellation and Refund Policy)

For a Registration Packet

Please visit our Contact Us page and provide all required Information. As soon as we hear from you, we will email a registration packet with required forms and instructions. You can also call us at 978-998-0039.

Payment Options - Program Package

Cashier's Check or Credit Card



Our flight from Tampa to Havana will take one hour. Once in Havana we will be on our way to a panoramic tour of Havana, lunch in Old Havana and late afternoon chack-in for accommodations at Hostal Casavana In the evening we will meet for a welcome dinner. 


Our first day in Havana will start with breakfast (all breakfasts are included), followed by a lecture about contemporary and ballet dance in Cuba. After the lecture we will visit the Fernando Alonso National Cuban Ballet School. Our visit to the School will consist of a presentation of the school by its Director and faculty, a tour of the facilities and a ballet demonstration by students. The school is the biggest school of ballet in the world. As all the Cuban educational system, it is free, after rigorous selection. After lunch (all lunches are included) we will visit the Rosario Cárdenas Dance Company for a presentation and conversation with dancers. The Rosario Cárdenas Dance Company has tested its theory of combinatorics dance system in the contemporary movement, with constant work that encompasses the study of the body as a somatic whole. 


During day 3 we will visit Old Havana. Founded in 1519, UNESCO declared Old Havana Universal Patrimony of Humanity. You will learn about Old Havana as a unique urban development project that integrates community and economic development with art. Through a walking visit guided by an architect-historian we will visit Cathedral, Arms and Old Squares. After our visit to the squares of we will have lunch followed with a visit the Teatro Danza Retazos. Teatro Danza Retazos is the absolute vanguard in contemporary Cuban dance, projecting their choreography toward a singular scenic projection, representing a forceful chronicle of the Latin-American spirituality in an unpredictable reflexive dance.


To start the day we will visit the  Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Company.  Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba is the precursor and maximum exponent of the "fusion" style in Cuban dance. Founded 25 years ago by its creator, director and choreographer, Lizt Alfonso, it has conquered audiences of all ages in the five continents, performing in hundreds of cities with the strength and rythm of the Cuba that vibrates today. After lunch we will visit the Cuban Folkloric Dance Company.  Founded in 1962 to delve into and recover certain manifestations of traditional popular Cuban culture, the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba—National Folkloric Company of Cuba—outcome has been a repertoire of over 70 productions dedicated to Afro-Cuban dance and music, especially those that represent the Yoruba, Congo and Abakuá deities, rumba and comparsas, música campesina (typical Cuban country music) and popular dances, among others.After dinner we will have the option of visiting la Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Cuban Art Factory). 











Our last day in Cuba will include a visit to two dance companies, the Carlos Acosta Dance Company and Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba. In 2016, Carlos Acosta established a company of young local dancers, ready to perform a repertoire of contemporary pieces for Cubans and visitors.
Carlos' latest project Acosta Danza, featuring some of Cuba's finest dancers, was recently featured in The Guardian as one of their "Must-See Dance Show of 2017". The Guardian's Judith Mackrell had this to say about the project: "Acosta Danza has an ambitious brief, combining classical and contemporary influences and showcasing Cuba’s fizzing dance culture within a wider international context." After lunch we will attend a presentation by the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba.
Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (founded in 1959), has developed a particular style from the basics of Cuban folklore and universal modern dance. So the Company has created a new vision of both modern and national contemporary dance techniques. In the evening we will attend a ballet performance.  In the evening we will hava farewell dinner followed by a visit to Cabaret Tropicana. Opened in 1931, the Tropicana has played host to Benny More, Nat King Cole, Jack Nicholson and ‘Lucky’ Lucian–and many, many more. This is a Vegas-style extravaganza with seating for 1,400 people and 200 performers going through the full range of popular Cuban dance. As you’d expect, the dancers are beautiful and the costumes, choreography and routines are excellent, but the food is poor, the show lasts forever and it is seething with tourists. A recent revamp seems to have changed everything and nothing with the basic formula remaining as it has been for years.