Havana Biennial 2018

October 15-21, 2018

Limited to 15 participants

Registration Deadline - June 1, 2018

Recognized as one of the most important events of Cuban culture, Havana Biennial has scheduled its 13th edition for October 2018, which maintains its every 3 years frequency implemented over 2 decades ago. Despite its triennial basis, Havana Biennial has retained its name as a respond to an event concept and as so it has been internationally released. The establishment of a new nomenclature might suggest that it is a new event. In addition, the current interval between each edition allows us to analyze in more detail and depth the changes that occur in contemporary art. While especially interested in the so-called South countries, the Havana Biennial has been opened for years to other regions, being even more encompassing geographically. The curatorial team works right now in the conceptual platform of the upcoming edition, which will be announced in 2017. Havana Biennial retains its selectivity by direct invitation, therefore is not an open call.

                                                                                         CURATORIAL TEAM, HAVANA BIENNIAL, CUBA

Be part of the 13th Havana Arts Biennial with the participation of artists from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. In addition, during the Havana Arts Biennial, the Cuban Art Collateral Exhibit shows the work of 200 Cuban artists in sites all over the city of Havana. Our people-to-people exchanges will take place through conversations with contemporary artists while visiting their studios and exhibits in public and private galleries in Havana.

The Havana Arts Biennial encourages not only traditional artists to show art but also the most exciting and experimental artistic projects in alternative places all around the city, with the participation of citizens, art schools, primary and secondary students.

Program Package Fees

What is included?

  • Orientation before departure
  • Travel Guide with tips for a safe, fun and informed trip
  • Emailed information about sites to be visited
  • Admission fees to museums in the itinerary
  • All in-Cuba ground transportation and airport transfers in AC bus
  • Access pass to all Biennial activities
  • Seven nights at Capri Hotelin Havana with daily breakfast
  • All lunches and two dinners
  • Experienced bilingual Cuban Tour Guide, Program Leader and bus driver
  • License to travel to Cuba

What is not included? 

  • $275 (estimate) round trip airfare to Havana from Tampa with Southwest Airlines                          

        Air tickets will be individually booked online after registration deadline using miles or a credit  

        card; health insurance while in Cuba is included in the airfare.

  • $50 Cuban tourist visa 

        Travelers will be able to buy the Cuban visa online before departure or at the Southwest check-in  

        counter at the airport on the day of departure

  • 6 lunches and 5 dinners
  • Gratuities for servers in meals, luggage handlers, Cuban Tour Guide and driver
  • Airfare for connecting flight to - from Tampa, if traveling to Florida from another state
  • Tampa hotel the night before departure, if traveling to Florida from another state
  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance

For a Registration Packet

Please visit our
Contact Us  page and provide all required Information. As soon as we hear from you, we will email a registration packet with required forms and instructions. You can also call us at 978-998-0039.

Payment Options

Cashier's Check or Credit Card



Our journey from Tampa, Florida to Havana, Cuba will take 52 minutes Once in Havana a bilingual Cuban Tour Guide who will be with the group every day during the program. As soon as we get to our bus we will be on our way to accommodations at the hotel in Havana.


Our first day in Havana will start with a buffet breakfast at the hotel, followed by a presentation by a Cuban art expert about contemporary art in Cuba and the 13th Havana Art Biennial. After the presentation we will visit the National Museum of Fine Arts - Cuban Collection and Biennial Exhibits.  After lunch we will attend other Biennial activities.


During day 3 we will visit the University of the Arts (ISA) to participate in Biennial activities and share experiences and visions with ceramic, sculpture and printmaking professors and students. Two buildings house five schools of the arts. Faculty in the ceramic, sculpture and engraving programs provide a combination of theoretical and practical experiences designed for students pursuing artistic achievements. Here you will have the opportunity of buying artwork from students and faculty. The University of the Arts in Havana is one of 14 higher education institutions built after the revolution delivering in each province graduate and undergraduate degrees in visual arts, music, dance, drama and audiovisual communications. After our visit to ISA we will attend other Biennial activities.


On Day 4 we will go to Old Havana to learn about its unique urban sustainability development project that integrates community and economic development with art. The Historian of the City of Havana Office leads the project. During the tour we will visit four of the main plazas in Old Havana and participate in Biennial activities and visits.


On this day we will visit the Cuban Art Biennial Exhibit at La Cabaña Fortress and after lunch in Old Havana participate in other Biennial activities.


Biennial Activities - Pending final program


Biennial Activities - Pending final program


Departure from José Martí International Airport