New Regulations to Travel to Cuba - June 5, 2019

Our mission is and will be to develop friendly relations between the people of the United States, Cuba and Puerto Rico through the understanding of the cultures and arts of the people of Cuba and Puerto Rico. This mission is based on an idea of Cuba’s national hero José Martí, who said that "to be educated is to be free". 

Effective June 5, 2019 new travel to Cuba regulations will be implemented by the US Treasury Department - Office of Foreign Assets Control. There are two new regulations:

Ending Exports of Passenger Vessels, Recreational Vessels, and Private Aircraft  

To make passenger and recreational vessels (cruise ships) and private and corporate aircraft ineligible for a license. 
Ending Group People-to-People Travel-

To remove the authorization for group people-to-people educational travel. 

Since 2000 we deliver travel to Cuba programs based on regulations in the group people-to-people educational travel license. Effective June 5, 2019 we will use the Support for the Cuban People license. 

What constitutes the “support for the Cuban people” for authorized travel to Cuba?
The travel organization creates itineraries of activities that promote independent activity intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba. Civil society can be understood as the "third sector" of society, distinct from government, including families and the private sphere.
Each traveler utilizing this authorization engages in a full-time schedule of activities that enhances contact with the Cuban people that results in meaningful interactions with individuals. 
What is our approach to “support for the Cuban people”?

When designing our programs we use the approach of lectures through guided visits allowing for interactions with the Cuban people, promoting independent cultural activities in art studios and centers to facilitate private meeting with the independent Cuban art community, including visual artists, dancers, architects, curators, art centers administrators, docents and educators. 

In addition, we provides support for family-owned accommodations (bed and breakfast), meals in private restaurants and land transportation services in private buses. 
Marcos Carvajal and Pedro Schuck

Members of RESPECT (Responsible & Ethical Cuba Travel) a U.S. professional association uniting nonprofit entities, travel agents, tour operators and other travel service providers dedicated to practicing and promoting ethical and socially responsible travel to Cuba.