Dr. Pedro O. Schuck, is an educator-artist, our CubArtEdu Program Coordinator and tour leader. Pedro was born in Puerto Rico and is a graduate from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, Harvard and Boston Universities, Pedro is Professor Emeritus of education, art in education and applied social sciences in Cambridge College, Massachusetts. Pedro was the Coordinator for the Cambridge College Study Abroad Programs and facilitated the approval of Cuba travel licenses for Cambridge College, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and Art Trips to Cuba.  He was also the founder of the Cambridge College Puerto Rico Center, implementing the delivery of graduate programs in education, management and counseling psychology.

Centro Arte

Since 1994 Pedro and Marcos embarked in the creation of several art and education projects.

  • Institute for the Development of Education and the Arts (IDEA), San Juan, Puerto, Rico
  • Centro Arte, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Alcachofa: Images and Design for Promotions, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Marcos Carvajal Sculpture Gallery, Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • Sungod Workshops, Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • AquaSculpture, Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • EducArte, Cayey, Puerto Rico
  • Jajome School of Art, Cayey, Puerto Rico
  • Arts in Education Initiative, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Travel and Learn, Salem, Massachusetts
  • CubArtEdu, Salem, Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida
  • Cambridge College Puerto Rico Regional Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Marcos Carvajal Art Galleries, Salem, Massachusetts

SunGod Workshops

Marcos Carvajal, M.Ed. is an artist-educator, a visionary and tour leader for CubArtEdu. Born in the neighborhood of Santos Suarez, Havana, Cuba, Marcos started to study art with his father when he was nine. His formal studies continued at the University of Havana Medical School. He continued studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts in Boston, and Cambridge College. He taught art courses at Montserrat School of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, Jájome School of Art in Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto Rico and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts in Boston.

As a visiting faculty member at the SMFA, Marcos facilitated courses such as "Painting in the Rain Forest of Puerto Rico" and "Making Art in Cuba: An Interdisciplinary Exchange" for the International Department.

Marco’s visions, messages and execution of his artwork are diverse and use multiple mediums of art. As an artist, Marcos has displayed his artwork in groups and solo art exhibitions in national and international galleries, public spaces and art festivals. 

Presently, Marcos works from his studio in Sarasota, Florida.

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